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Small Business Insight

The Benefits of an Inventory Management System

Whether you run a retail store with a constantly rotating stock or a service business like a salon or tattoo parlor, an inventory management system can help. Imagine pulling out your tattoo machine only to realize you're out of the color red. That can seriously limit your design options. What about running out of 30 volume developer at a salon? Sure, you can probably blend a mix of 20 and 40 volume to handle color, but the result won't be the same. With an inventory management system that’s part of your credit card processing system, you never need to worry about missing product.

Controlling Your Tattoo and Salon Appointments

Apr 02, 2018 | Tattoo SalonAppointments

How Tattoo Shops and Salons Can Maximize the Power of Their Schedule

Across every industry, in every sized business, controlling appointments is the cornerstone of financial and organizational success.

For small businesses, balancing a great customer experience and consistently high-quality work with the need for a full schedule is a constant battle. Here are some tactics that small businesses can use to control appointments