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Small Business Insight

EBT – Why You Should Take It

Each year, the United States government issues nearly $100 billion to EBT programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). EBT makes it easy and secure for beneficiaries to purchase essential goods, including food and garden supplies. On average, SNAP beneficiaries receive $126 per month.

If your business doesn't accept EBT, then you're potentially losing thousands of dollars in revenue every month. Learn how to start taking EBT so you can grow your customer base and increase your profits.

Inside Sales Call Centers

Although businesses currently thrive in a highly digital world, many customers still prefer to pick up the phone when they're in need of assistance.

Call centers provide a level of support that email and live chat cannot always achieve, which is why many call centers are still going strong -- especially when it comes to sales.

The VMS Solution to Working Capital

Also known as net capital, in short, working capital is a term used to denote all the money a given company has at its disposal, as a means of covering expenses. A sum that is reached by taking the sum of the difference of a company's current assets and liabilities, working capital can be used in order to restock inventories, pay short-term debts and much more.

The Advantages of Being a Woman in Business


There's a lot of talk about how women are underrepresented in business. Although there are more women running Fortune 500 companies than ever before, they are only in charge of 6.4 percent of large corporations. Hearing these statistics, and knowing about the pay gap between genders, women may feel discouraged in the process of becoming entrepreneurs. But women in business have distinct advantages that men do not, which they can harness in order to excel.

8 Tips for Creative People who Want to Start a Business

If you have a creative mind, starting a small business might seem like an excellent idea. Creative people have the ability to build amazing inventions or modify existing ideas to meet consumers' needs and desires. Working for yourself is an awesome feeling that every creative person craves. However, creative types tend to struggle with certain components of business like accounting, finance and sales. These individuals also tend to find that they do not excel in business negotiations with suppliers, merchants, and potential partners. Let's take a look at how a creative person should embark on his small business venture.

5 Amazing Tools you need to Know about NOW!

If you’ve got a small business and are used to “doing it all” then opting for one or more of these useful (almost all free) tools will make a huge difference for you in 2016.

Each of these is designed to help your business run more smoothly or to improve your own productivity and efficiency – or to prevent annoying or embarrassing mistakes. If you’re tired of being hands on, all the time, then one or more of these helpers could be just what you need to allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business.