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Small Business Insight

The Advantages of Being a Woman in Business


There's a lot of talk about how women are underrepresented in business. Although there are more women running Fortune 500 companies than ever before, they are only in charge of 6.4 percent of large corporations. Hearing these statistics, and knowing about the pay gap between genders, women may feel discouraged in the process of becoming entrepreneurs. But women in business have distinct advantages that men do not, which they can harness in order to excel.

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

Are You missing out on new technology?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has leaped from the pages of science fiction novels into the marketing mainstream. Twenty-six percent of marketers say AI is the next big marketing trend, and it's clear to see why. Machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics, speech recognition apps -- big brands use these technologies to maximize their marketing. It's no wonder, then, that the global AI market is worth a massive $7.3 billion, according to one estimate. But just how can you this technology to grow your business?

Four Types of Credit Card Processors to Avoid

Finding a trustworthy and affordable credit card processor can be extremely stressful. It can also cause quite a few headaches for modern business owners.

While there are reputable providers out there, it will take some time and effort to find the best of the best.

If you want to ensure that you find the right credit card processor for your needs, try to avoid the following.

Social Media and The Small Business Owner


The success of any business comes down to one thing: How well your company can meet the needs of its customers. Repeat business and a growing client base are the result when you understand and deliver what consumers want. This requires communication, and the modern, peerless mechanism for the exchange of ideas is social media.

How Community Outreach Can Boost Your Business

Dec 19, 2017 | News


If your business is primarily focused on expanding its product offerings and beefing up its client base, rather than encouraging employee volunteer programs or pursuing corporate-nonprofit partnerships, you could be missing a crucial component of marketing success.

While the dividends realized from community participation may be of the long-term variety, taking action to increase your presence in your local community and online can not only gain you new customers, but help insulate you from the fallout of negative publicity. Read on to learn more about how community participation can help market your business, as well as some concrete steps you can take to boost your community involvement with the help of a Smart POS system like Clover POS.

Invalid TINs

Oct 17, 2017 | News


Whether the TIN used has invalid characters or is missing altogether, it can spell big trouble for small business owners. Getting the facts can help you keep your information correct and keep you from missing out on as much as 28 percent of your credit card sales.

Far too often it is easier to ignore the things you’re not sure you understand. As a business owner, whether your business is small or large, you can’t afford to do that. This is especially true with the rules the IRS has put into place regarding invalid Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs). The IRS wants to make sure you’re not cheating Uncle Sam out of his share of your pie. To that end, it has put the responsibility of verifying your sales to make sure all reports are above board.


Oct 10, 2017 | News

Small businesses today need every possible competitive advantage in order to overcome local competition. It is difficult for some small business owners to do when it feels like everything you have to offer your customers that goes above and beyond, comes at a greater cost to you. But, what if you could offer them a convenience that promises a far greater return on investment for the sake of your business?

As the market moves from magnetic stripe credit cards to credit and debit cards enabled with EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa) chip technology, a huge deadline looms for ATM owners regarding liability. The deadline for ATMs accepting MasterCard branded credit and debit cards was October 1, 2016. As October 1, 2017 approaches, the deadline for ATMs accepting Visa branded cards is quickly approaching.

The deadlines may seem arbitrary to small business owners, but they represent an opportunity for your business to present viable ATM alternatives to your customers by providing credit card processing services that offer the opportunity for customers to receive cash back on their purchases.

Convenience and Today’s Consumer

Sep 26, 2017 | News

Consumers today want bigger, better, faster, and more. We live in the day of drive-thru dry cleaners, fast food, convenience packaging, and super-size soft drinks. These innovations are driven by consumer demand and it only seems to be growing. That means your small business needs to be looking for new ways to offer greater convenience to your customers or you run the risk of losing them to those who will.

Professionalism and the Entrepreneur: Maintaining and Improving Your Business

Sep 19, 2017 | News


In today's user-centered and highly competitive business environment, demonstrating a lack of professionalism in your interactions with clients, vendors, and consumers can do more than garner a few negative online reviews. Indeed, many businesses have crashed and burned in a spectacularly public manner after responding to criticism with juvenile barbs or even threats, the recent closure of Amy's Baking Company being one of the more visible examples. 

But professionalism involves more than just taking critique with a smile, and should extend to treating all with whom you interact in a business capacity with respect and courtesy. Read on for some more reasons you'll want to place "professionalism" at the top of the list of cornerstones for your business, as well as several tips and tricks you can employ to improve your reputation among other business owners and members of the community. 

Motivating Employees

Sep 12, 2017 | News

For small businesses who lack the financial resources of major corporations, finding innovative ways to motivate and inspire employees may seem like quite a challenge. Keep in mind, though, that all employees are different and look for motivational methods for employees that won’t cost your business a pretty penny, like those listed below.