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PCI Compliance and Data Breaches and Small Business, Oh My! [infographic]

Sep 18, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

 As technology advances, so do the criminals who exploit weaknesses within the technology. 2014 saw more security breaches than ever, most of which occurred within small businesses.

As a follow-up to last week's PCI compliance blog post, we decided to do some research on security and breaches as they relate to small business. Achieving and maintaining PCI compliance is an important step in staying protected against criminals who may try to steal sensitive data or identities, and it should be made a priority within your business.

What is PCI Compliance and How Does It Affect My Business?

Sep 16, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

If your business accepts credit card payments, you’ve probably heard the term “PCI compliant” before. But what do you need to do to be PCI compliant and how does it benefit you as a merchant?

PCI compliance is a lot like exercising regularly for your credit card processing. Although it takes effort to achieve and can be a bit annoying, the benefits are worthwhile. It also cannot be achieved in one sitting; PCI compliance is an ongoing effort to prevent fraud and data breaches.

The Top 5 Reasons to Think Twice About Small Business eCommerce

Aug 20, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

Online shopping is a modern-day staple. When at the mall, many people will check online prices to comparison shop and ensure they are getting the best deal. Even more, people expect top service when they buy. For example, the new Amazon Prime Now program can promise delivery in 1-2 HOURS!

If you think your small business is ready to jump on the eCommerce bandwagon, read on. We will go over some reasons why you may not want to make the transition to an online store, or at least some ideas to consider if you do.

Where is My Money? Tips to Get Your Funds Fast Every Time

Aug 14, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

It’s the age old issue. You have a great day at your business, and after 24-48 hours, you check your account excitedly to see all that cash flow. However, the account is emptier than you expected. In fact, did the funds even get deposited?! Where is my money? Don’t fret. A lot of things can get between you and access to your hard-earned money.

How to Avoid Chargeback Fees: 5 Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Aug 11, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

Chargeback. Just the mention of the word makes businesses and payment processors alike gulp with horror. But what does it mean when you find out that you’ve been hit with a chargeback fee? What steps can you take to try to fight the chargeback, and how can you avoid them? We are here to help.

What is NFC? Contactless Payments? 6 Things You Need to Know.

Jul 31, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

It seems like everyone is talking about the new buzzwords in the payment industry. Contactless payments, NFC, EMV, Apple Pay, and mobile payments. So how do you keep all of these straight? What do they all mean, and how do they relate to each other? Let’s take a look at contactless payments and NFC, or near field communication.

Are Free Credit Card Terminals Really Free?

Jul 22, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

Switch your payment processing and we’ll give you a new state-of-the-art credit card terminal FREE! Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? After all, equipment can be expensive, and you're always looking to save money wherever you can. Have you ever stopped to think if getting a free terminal is just too good to be true?

5 Ways to Maximize ROI on a Website for Your Business

Jul 08, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

The other day, I was looking for a new place to eat. I did a local search on my Yelp app on my smartphone, and one sushi restaurant stood out to me as looking great. However, when it came time to look at what type of spicy tuna rolls I wanted to order, not only was the menu not online, but they had no website at all! Annoyed by this, I actually CHANGED MY MIND and ended up going somewhere else.

What is Credit Card Tokenization?

Jul 01, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

It seems like data security breaches are everywhere these days. Identity theft and stolen card numbers are just a few of the many consequences of poor security. As a merchant, how do you protect yourself? One answer is using tokenization when processing credit card transactions at your business.

Boost Your Sales and Profits with a Customer Loyalty Program

Jun 24, 2015 | ArticlesBusiness Insight

Imagine this: You open a brand new store with a very successful grand opening. Crowds of people come in, walking past the colorful balloons and “Grand Opening!” sign you have up. New customers browse your wares, make purchases, and leave.