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Small Business Insight

Using social media to your business' advantage

Why You Need To Get Certified As a Woman Owned Business

Keeping Track of Your Stock / Inventory

How to Attract Investors for Your Business

How To Pay Your Employees Competitive Salaries

What a Kiosk Can Do For You

How To Meet Your Customers' Expectations

What App Do You Use For Your Salon Scheduler?

Loyalty for Barbershops

Salon Scheduler For Hair Salons

Who is VMS? What Can We Do For Your Business Today?

Why Online Ordering Is Better Than Uber Eats, Grub Hub OR Door Dash

Clover™ Flex for Food Trucks – Payment As Convenient As Your Food Service

The Square Versus a Traditional Merchant Services Company

The Importance of Credit Reports

EBT – Why You Should Take It

Inside Sales Call Centers

Are You PCI Compliant?

The VMS Solution to Working Capital

Gift Cards Are For All Year Long

The Three Most Commonly Used Credit Cards

Does Your POS Make You Money? It Should!

Credit Card Fees- How to Spot a Good Deal

5 Differences Between Female and Male–Run Businesses

How to Balance Work and Home

Amazon Go - Why You Want It

Credit Card Processing Pricing: Are You Getting Value For Money?

When Your Business Isn't Your Only Baby

Running A Business With Your Life Partner? Five Tips from VMS

Fall Should Be Your Busiest Season – Is it?

You NEED To Optimize Your Daily Productivity

Is Your Business As Successful As It Should Be?

Why You Need To Deal With Difficult Employees Right Away

You Can't Afford To NOT Get A POS For Your Small Business

Your Home-Based Business Should Look Professional – 4 Tips from VMS

Necessary Management Skills – How To Delegate

The 3 Traits Of Successful Women

The Advantages of Being a Woman in Business

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

Four Types of Credit Card Processors to Avoid

Social Media and The Small Business Owner

The Benefits of an Inventory Management System

Avoiding Chargebacks, Account Holds and Freezes

Understanding Your Credit Card Processing Statement

5 Tips to Avoid Merchant Account Holds, Freezes and Terminations

Personal, Business Taxes and News

Controlling Your Tattoo and Salon Appointments

Let Clover's Waiver Master App Simplify Your Business

Get The Working Capital Your Business Needs

Free Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Getting Your Name on Google

How Seasonal Businesses Can Use Merchant Services

Can My Cancellation Fee be Waived? Early Termination Fees for Small Businesses

The Pros and Cons of Accepting Credit Cards - POS Solutions

Innovative Social Media Solutions through Clover

How Community Outreach Can Boost Your Business

Annual Planning

The Crucial Importance of a Business' Curb Appeal

What Impact Can Identity Fraud Have On Business Owners?

Employee Retention

Programming Updates

Small Business Saturday

Gift Cards

PCI Compliance

Invalid TINs


Convenience and Today’s Consumer

Professionalism and the Entrepreneur: Maintaining and Improving Your Business

Motivating Employees

Coping With Change: How Can Your Business Adapt and Thrive?

Fuel Pumps

As A Business Owner, What Should You Know About The ACH Process?

Image Control


Finding Good Employees

Budgeting for Small Businesses

Accepting EBT Payments Can Enhance your Business

Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Small Business Marketing / Advertising

Offline Credit Card Processing

Small Business Banking

Quick Books

Liability and What It Means for Your Business

Why A Food Truck Is So Beneficial To Many Restaurant Owners

Restaurant Apps For Your POS System

How Can Attending Trade Shows Help You Expand (And Improve) Your Business?

American Express Opt Blue Plan - Is this the Right Move for Small Merchants and Businesses?

Maintaining Your Touchscreen POS System

What It Takes To Start A Successful Small Business.


How Can You Manage A Small Business’ Workflow?

Service Industry and POS Systems

Keeping An Eye On Your Competition

How Can You Improve Inventory Management?

Time Management

What Types Of Customer Rewards Programs Can Help You Boost Your Business?

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Technology and Payment Processing

Cloud Based POS Systems

What Can You Do To Improve Customer Retention Rates For Your Business?

Why Get a Website?

New Year, New Efficiency -- Reviewing Your Credit Card Processing Services In 2017

Taxes for Small Business

Using social media to your business' advantage

'Tis the Season for Identity Theft – How to protect your customers, employees AND your business.

Understanding Interchange

"Show Me The Money": How Batching Processes Can Make Or Break Your Business's Cash Flow

Small Business Saturday – Is Your Business Ready?

How to Avoid Chargebacks

Working Capital

Tis the Season for Gift Cards

How To Boost Employee Morale

Maximize Your Holiday Sales

DNC List and Your Business

Self-branding; How To Look Your Best

Get Ahead in Credit Card Processing: Know the Terms

How To Land The Job

Your Company and The App Industry

Where Are Small Businesses Going?

Marketing to Millennials

Clover vs. Square: Choosing the POS Solution to Fit Your Business' Needs

Clover Mini: The Credit Card Terminal of the Future!

Why is the U.S. Finally Moving to EMV® Smart Chip Technology?

8 Tips for Creative People who Want to Start a Business

Clover Station vs. Square Stand, What's the Difference?

How to Avoid Intentional Fraudulent EMV Chargebacks

5 Amazing Tools you need to Know about NOW!

The Best Ways to Accept Payments [infographic]

Merchant Services: 10 Things To Ask Yourself When Shopping Around

Is a Smart POS Solution Right For You? [FREE eBook Download]

PCI Compliance and Data Breaches and Small Business, Oh My! [infographic]

What is PCI Compliance and How Does It Affect My Business?

The Merchant Account Application Explained [infographic]

Make Working Capital Work for You: FREE eBook Download!

The 9 Fastest Ways to Lose Your EBT License (And Worse)

The Top 5 Reasons to Think Twice About Small Business eCommerce

Where is My Money? Tips to Get Your Funds Fast Every Time

How to Avoid Chargeback Fees: 5 Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

What is a 1099-K, and How Does It Affect My Business?

What is a High Risk Merchant Account?

What is NFC? Contactless Payments? 6 Things You Need to Know.

Apple Pay for Business: The Quick and Dirty Explanation

Are Free Credit Card Terminals Really Free?

Three Card Not Present Credit Card Scams Business Owners Should Know

5 Ways to Maximize ROI on a Website for Your Business

What is Credit Card Tokenization?

Boost Your Sales and Profits with a Customer Loyalty Program

Merchant Credit Card Processing 101: Where Do My Processing Fees Go?

The Shift to EMV Smart Chip Credit Cards: What Does It Mean for Small Business?

Which Costs More for Merchants: Credit or Debit?

Are You Safe from Credit Card Fraud? Four Steps to Security

Cost Plus vs. Tiered Pricing: What's Right for Me?

What's the Best Way to Accept Online Payments?

Credit Card Companies vs. Banks - What's the Difference?

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