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Small Business Insight

Using social media to your business' advantage

May 29, 2019


The great thing about social media is that new opportunities arise all the time allowing you to enjoy an even bigger platform upon which to share your message. For now, let's concentrate on the big three. Some might call them the Holy Grail of social media circa 2016 and 2017. They are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That isn't to say that Pinterest and Snapchat aren't important and highly useful. They simply do not yet provide the powerhouse results you can enjoy with the three primary social networks listed. But you want to know how you can use these three social networks to make your business grow. The answer is simpler than most business owners realize.Social media is no longer an option for businesses that are interested in long-term growth online or off – it's a necessity! Whether you plan to engage in actual commerce online or you simply want to get the word out about new products, services, special prices, and new ways to use existing products, social media allows businesses the opportunity to speak openly and directly with consumers to share your message – whatever that message may be. 

Why You Need To Get Certified As a Woman Owned Business

Calling all female business owners! It helps to be WBENC-certified because it proves that a woman (or women) owns, operates, and manages at least 51 percent of your business. The WBENC certification (issued by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council) provides you with loads of benefits. You can attract more organizations and investors who want to work with women business owners, for example. Read on if you want to learn how to achieve this valuable certification:

Keeping Track of Your Stock / Inventory

While it is expected, every once in a while, that you will lose your keys, it is still a stressful aggravation as the person is typically needing to go somewhere, such as work, school, or somewhere else they do not want to be late for. Searching for keys takes time and slows down productivity and efficiency. The same can be applied to tracking your stock / inventory.

How to Attract Investors for Your Business

Seeking business investment is an exciting – and potentially nerve-wracking – stage of development. You have to convince outside parties to put money and expertise into your endeavor. In return, you get a financial boost and the added motivation to grow your company.

There are ways you can make this process easier. Be prepared and do your research before those important meetings. Don't forget to review all of your financial options in addition to investment, so you can make a sound choice.

How To Pay Your Employees Competitive Salaries

Building a business depends on good people. To attract and retain those quality employees, you should pay them well and develop a strong company culture.

For small to medium sized businesses, determining salary rates is too often a shot in the dark. Instead of using your best guess, go to reliable resources to find out wages in your industry and location.

Don't forget, employees look for more than money. Easy-to-offer, affordable perks can also make your business a great place to build a career.

What a Kiosk Can Do For You

Kiosks are as helpful to retailers as they are to customers. They're compact. They can save you money. They're simple to use, especially when they're powered by a system that's as reliable as the Clover app. Best of all, kiosks provide customers with happier and more productive shopping excursions.

It's no wonder that some of the world's largest corporations have begun installing kiosks in their establishments. These machines are equally beneficial to small, independent companies

How To Meet Your Customers' Expectations

Expectations are like a cloudless, warm sunny day. You had checked the forecast for that day and it said that it was going to be sunny all day. And it will be. Sometimes, however, the weather goes against expectations and a sudden, severe thunderstorm develops out of nowhere and completely ruins your plans for the weekend.

What App Do You Use For Your Salon Scheduler?

The Clover point of sale system has been around long enough to build an enthusiastic and loyal following. It offers a number of features for small businesses, such as fast and easy payment processing, payroll management and sales analytics. The system also offers specialized apps for various business needs, including salon scheduling. If you own a small salon or are just opening a new one, the Clover Salon Scheduler application will work well for you. Plus, you get to take advantage of their POS system as well.

Loyalty for Barbershops

As a local barber shop, your business depends on service. It's hard to get more one-on-one than the privilege of styling your customers' hair. Many people become loyal to a barber because of how the shop makes them feel. Often that means they are comfortable, enjoy the experience of getting a haircut, and like the final product.

But every small business needs a bit of a boost. Loyalty programs formalize the relationship you already have with your customers. You reward those who come in often and tell their friends about you. You can show this appreciation in multiple ways, all of which make your customers want to continue to rely on your for their best look.

Salon Scheduler For Hair Salons

Beauty salons can be hectic places, with customers coming in for appointments and others making appointments for the future, buying products and paying their bills. If your salon is like most, a handful of people handle all of these functions on any given day. Wouldn't it be nice to have an automatic assistant that could handle many of these routine, but essential, tasks for you? That's exactly what Salon Scheduler can do.